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Hopefully this isn't so long that people disregard what I write.
If your having problems with your Nav, or you haven't received the over the air update, follow along.

For those folks with the vehicles listed in the "Customer Satisfaction Notification VB3", of which the 2015 - 2017 Chrysler 200 ( UF ) is what we are talking about here, please take note.
If you haven't received the OTA update, check the UConnect web site first, put your VIN number in and it will tell you if there is an update for your vehicle.
(1) If the system tells you an update is available, then you can either do it yourself by following directions, or wait for the USB stick to arrive in the mail from FCA and then perform the update.
(2) If it comes back that NO update is available, then you may call Customer Care @ 800-992-1997 and follow the prompts. They will direct you to a dealer for the correct procedure to update your system, as noted in TSB 08-111-19.
(3) Or you may visit a dealer, if the above, in number 2 applies to your vehicle and ask them about performing the update that is listed in TSB 08-111-19. This is paid by FCA/Chrysler though a warranty submission. It doesn't matter if your out of warranty or not. It is paid by Chrysler. I just had this done at 107,000 miles, well out of warranty.
The service adviser entered the info into the claims system, complete with my mileage, and the system accepted the repair and subsequent charges.
Chrysler customer care also told me it is paid, but if the dealer refuses, then call and make arrangements with them to be reimbursed.

However, if your vehicle has not had all the updates required, they must be applied first, before 18.45.01 can be added. That is in the TSB 08-111-19 and also is paid by Chrysler.

This program is called "Rapid Response Transmittal" ( RRT ) 19-090 and must be performed.
The RRT document has the repair procedures listed.
Once my dealer understood that this is a paid program though a warranty submission, they performed the updates.
My vehicle was still running 16.16.01 and has never received and OTA update.
( That could possibly be due to having the radio replaced back in 2016 under warranty. )

This is all the info I have currently. I don't expect to know anything else since the update has now been performed.
Like I said, the dealer, at first, was hesitant to get into this issue until I told them I called Customer Care and was told to refer to the TSB 08--111-19.

Good luck folks. This is all rather confusing but perseverance is needed, and the documentation is in the TSB.

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Note that 08-111-19 from November 2019 was revised to 08-111-19A in December 2019.
An optional software install step and labor operation was added.

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I did the update and I still get the warning on my nav screen about my vehicle phone needing service. Sometimes the GPS works great other times I’m still driving through cornfields. I’m sure I need a radio replacement but don’t feel like spending $1300.
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