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Nothing can ruin a day for any driver faster than a flat tire. It means nothing but the pullover in rush-hour traffic, take out a spare tire, and waste your time on the replacement. That wouldn't happen if you have a set of run-flat tires on. Run-flat tires are capable of running without air pressure or when they’re flat, allowing the vehicle to travel to the destination safely.

They can maintain their shape thanks to the much stronger sidewalls for up to 50 miles at the speeds up to 50 mph while being flat. Even though run-flat tires are not new to the automotive world, there are not many run-flat options available on the market today. To help you choose the best run-flat tires for your Chrysler 200, we decided to showcase a few popular options available at CARiD.

#1 Bridgestone Run-Flat Tires


  • Optimized tire protection
  • High-tech cooling fin design
  • DriveGuard Protection Package

#2 Pirelli Cinturato P7


  • Optimized Tread Design - reduced rolling noise for improved driving comfort
  • Compact Central Blocks reduce tire distortion during fast cornering
  • Innovative Hybrid Material for balanced pressure distribution
  • Green Performance Technology

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I've had the DriveGuard tires on my 200 and my wife's Kia Forte for many years, they're great and they saved me aggravation many times when I got a nail.
Now the wife doesn't have to worry about a flat and neither do I, in the past when she had a flat I used to go where she was to put the spare on, now she can go straight to the tire shop even with zero psi.
Got a nail (or some debris) on my way to work a month ago, about 1/4 of the way there, just kept going and went to a tire shop once I got off work, I wasn't stuck, late or any of that crap, which would have happened with regular tires. Got a nail or something, tire picked it up, started vibrating a lot, then came out after 10-15 seconds, and deflated straight to zero in about 30 seconds, drove about 6 miles with zero psi to get to work, and it was just fine.
Grip is great too, especially in the wet, much better traction than the crappy stock tires that my car came with.
And I got wider tires too on my 17" wheels, I got 235/50-17 (instead of 215/55-17 stock)
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