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Yesterday i left my 2012 200 convertible to the garage for preventive maintenance after 233k km (approx 145k miles). In the same time there was some small issue to wheel noises, spark coils and oil leak. Follow what I'll change on it:

  • Motor oil and filter.
  • air filter.
  • AC filter.
  • 4 cilinders coils with NGK coils (problem related to some misfiring about cylinder 1 and 2).
  • front brake pads and disks with brembo ones (vibration when using brakes)
  • front wheel bearings and hubs with blue print brand (noise during driving).
  • cam shaft sensor (oil leaking from the seal gasket).

I'll let you know the results soon because tonight I'll get it back.

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Today no car馃様
When the technician put in all the items, during the driving there was a little vibration, that became strong when push the brake.
A saw easily that during the rotation on the front right wheel, all the stuff, rim, caliper, disk and hub moving a little horizontally. The technician right now will remove all back and will check but he looks confuse.
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2016 Chrysler 200 S, 1998 Sebring JX
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Is it the correct part?
Looking at the top photo of the inner knuckle, the bearing doesn't appear to go in deep enough.
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2016 Chrysler 200 S, 1998 Sebring JX
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Now that wheel bearing above butts right up against the machined edge in the knuckle.
The wheel bearing shown in post #2 doesn't seem like it is going in deep enough. There looks to be a gap between the outer race and that machined edge.
Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me and I'm getting an optical illusion.
What is the Blue Print part number?

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Hi today problem solved
The problems was related to the Brembo brakes disks.
The right disk was defective, with a special micrometer we measured 0,2 mm gap in the back surface.
Then the technician ordered a new pair and after installed, the problem was solved.
In the same time we saw the lower arm bush very loose, so i will order new ones on Rockauto , Moog branded should be good, because in the official Italian Mopar shop they have the crazy price of 500 dollars plus vat each馃槺馃槺.
Do you think Moog it's good?
The lower arm related to Mopar catalog are:
In Rockauto there are many brand and numbers related, also some Moog with different number. to Chrysler 200. They are all suitable for my car?
Thanks a lot for your help.

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