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Hi today problem solved
The problems was related to the Brembo brakes disks.
The right disk was defective, with a special micrometer we measured 0,2 mm gap in the back surface.
Then the technician ordered a new pair and after installed, the problem was solved.
In the same time we saw the lower arm bush very loose, so i will order new ones on Rockauto , Moog branded should be good, because in the official Italian Mopar shop they have the crazy price of 500 dollars plus vat each😱😱.
Do you think Moog it's good?
The lower arm related to Mopar catalog are:
In Rockauto there are many brand and numbers related, also some Moog with different number. to Chrysler 200. They are all suitable for my car?
Thanks a lot for your help.

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