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Welcome to the forum. Getting a 4-digit Anti-theft code is a lot more restricted than it used to be. I don't have the needed permissions.
A dealer service manager or parts department manager/shop foreman should be able to look up the code on the Chrysler database.
Does this radio come from your own car? Or did it come from another car? If you bought the radio used, you will probably need to bring proof, like a bill of sale or the VIN number of the car it came out of. Bring a photo ID for yourself.
If things look suspicious, they can refuse this service. Bring all of your proof.
The car may need a PROXI configuration alignment to accept the different radio if you install it & the odometer is blinking.

There are a few YouTubes and websites that claim that they can provide the code, but I think that they are scams.
I saw this discussion in Chrysler Forums, but it may be out of date now:
When typing in the radio serial number, the letters 'VP' are not included.
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A follow-up on what 200_s_awd noted, I do see ongoing requests for radio codes on '' only requiring the s/n of the radio. Yes there are scams and others that look to charge you to look-up the code.

The radio code is tied to the radio and not the vehicle. The original VIN is used to pull the s/n of the radio installed at the factory and thusly the anti-theft code so the VIN is not required to look up the code but is necessary for the parts department to pull the info. As noted, the dealer is looking to cover their butt to be certain the radio is not stolen which is why the original VIN, receipt, first born, etc. is requested.
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