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Radio static

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I just recently started having a problem with my radio and thought someone might know a fix, for reference I drive a 2014 Chrysler 200.

Yesterday my radio worked fine (no static or anything out of the ordinary). I use a Bluetooth adapter so I can listen to Spotify instead of regular fm channels but today when I started my car there was a constant static in the background, and it wasn't just when I had my adapter plugged in, it's on every station I can get. The weird thing is, is that when a song I play has a decent amount of bass the static goes away but as soon as the bass is gone static is back. Another thing I noticed is that when I have my aux cord plugged in the radio works fine with no static. The aux cord connection had been busted for a while and it doesn't bother me too much, I have to tape it up in order for it to recognize I have the aux plugged in.

If you know the issue please let me know.
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Welcome to the forum. Which radio? Is it a factory unit? Any added amplifier?

The radio sales code should be on the faceplate. 3 white letters beginning with 'R'.
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It's the factory model, basically the same as the one in the picture but it also has anti-theft next to mp3 and single disc. The sales code is RES as well. Funny enough before I saw your reply I got in my car, started it, then plugged it in and the static is gone. I'm scared to turn my car off now because it's nice having clear music again.
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I was trying to figure out what happened. The broken AUX jack may have something to do with it? Is the plastic faceplate broken where the AUX jack mounts?
It doesn't look broken, I just have to use a piece of tape and push the aux jack up when I have it in, the aux port has been like that for a while and it's never gave me problems before. I went in my house for like an hour, came out and started my car and the static returned. Before I went inside I even turned my car off, opened and closed the door and turned it back on and the static wasn't there.
That could be why the aux cord doesn't work, but I like using the Bluetooth because music doesn't play as loudly when connected to aux. Do you know what may be causing the constant radio static?
Hard to say what the problem is without actually being there to diagnose it. If this just occurred one day and nothing changed that you are aware of, it sounds like a radio problem.
Is the problem also on AM & CD as well as FM?

You say that the bass notes are OK and the distortion (static) only happens on the treble notes. I would suspect the audio section having an issue? Things like impedance-matching and Bluetooth wireless connections shouldn't be OK one day and fail the next. These settings are not adjustable.

You can see if there are any updates for Uconnect here:
I don't know if they would still support an 8 year-old system.

You might want to demonstrate this static to a stereo shop technician to get some ideas. A dealership would have the diagnostic training, skills & tools to look into this, but you would probably need to make an appointment & be charged the diagnostic fee.
Let us know what you find.
Sorry I haven't replied, I've been a bit busy, it's still occuring but I'm planning on taking it to a shop here soon. I'll tell you know what the problem is when I go. Thanks for the help👍🏻
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Is it a convertible? There is a known issue on 200 convertibles where the wiring harness breaks near the passenger side trunk hinge. Wires to the antenna are in that harness.
My experience with a broken am/fm antenna coax, the signal was intermittent but there was no static.
Is it a convertible? There is a known issue on 200 convertibles where the wiring harness breaks near the passenger side trunk hinge. Wires to the antenna are in that harness.
I have this car and issue. Do you know how to go about fixing it?
Welcome to the forum. Coax cable can be spliced & re-routed out of harm's way. Check out these threads.

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