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2014 200s 3.6l
126k miles
Parts replaced - Crankshaft Position Sensor. Oil and Filter.

Symptoms - While driving car randomly stalls. I can push the gas pedal to the floor and get no response. I lose that plus power steering. All electrical in car works though, signals, brake lights, etc.. I have to wait upto 5 mins for what seems to be a power reset to the fuel pump. If I try to start right after stall it only cranks but doesn't fire, nor does fuel pump prime. After waiting 5 mins, putting key to on position the fuel pump will prime then car starts right up.

Recent thoughts - Today I noticed that after the stall when I restart it finally, the car seems to be unsure when to shift. I can feel the car thinking about shifting, but not sure if it should or shouldn't. It will run a bit rough because of it, then stall out again. I repeat the starting procedure, and 90% of the time the car is fine an goes on its merry way. 10% of the time the same rough issue an stall occurs.

To answer a few questions -
1 - Yes it has fuel. It does this regardless of fuel level. Full, 1/2, 1/4 tank etc..
2 - No it is not around a certain speed. I could be going 70 n cruising along or 35.
3 - No I do not get any check engine light or warning lights. It just happens. I even plugged a odbII scanner in right after it happened an got no stored codes or codes of any kind. Only code I get is a abs code for abs module which I have ordered an am waiting on.
4 - No I don't have access to a reader that can record an store live data to try an pin point the issue.

My questions.
1 - Can a faulty transmission speed sensor cause this? Causing the car to cut power to fuel pump an power steering. When it stalls I'm able to coast safely to side of road, an I still have brake functions.

2 - Could a faulty fuel pump cause it?

3 - Could a bad tipm cause the issue?

4 - Could a bad or dirty throttle body cause it?

5 - Could the abs module being faulty cause it?

I am truly at a loss for this. I contacted my local dealer about the technical bulletin on the software update for pcm. They only told me I would have to pay for them to diagnose if it had the update, then pay for them to the update if it hasn't been done. Yes, I'm calling a different dealership cause that sounds sketchy and rip-off to me.

2016 Chrysler 200 S, 1998 Sebring JX
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The next time it quits, try spraying some carb/throttle body cleaner into the throttle body & see if it fires up briefly on that.
If the engine quits, it will lose p/steering as the p/steering pump stops turning. The brake pedal will get hard without engine vacuum. The transaxle may not upshift if the engine loses power before a stall.
Does the red ETC (electronic throttle control) 'lightning bolt' still come on?

I don't think that the stall is caused by a transaxle speed sensor. Can your OBDII reader display TCM (transaxle control module) codes?
The throttle body may default to a 'limp-in' mode to allow idle, but I don't think it will cause a stall.
I don't think that an internal ABS module fault would cause an engine stall. It might if it took the CAN bus down, but I think that you would experience many more symptoms than just a stall.
An intermittent fuel pump or TIPM might cause the issue, but you would need a more capable tool fo diagnose this.
The TIPM can store fault codes too. Possible TIPM codes:
Some auto parts stores might loan 'higher capability' scan tools w/data recording. You can ask, but I'm sure that they would much rather sell you one. It probably wouldn't be worth buying a more expensive tool to try for this one repair.
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You may have to bite the bullet and have a tech with a capable tool & training diagnose this. A diagnostic fee can get you an answer. You can have them stop there & do the work yourself, or if it turns out to be something beyond DIY, you can have them complete the repair.

Find a shop that you can work with. A dealer may be more familiar with these cars as they work on them most every day. The labor rate is competitive with independent shops who may not see these cars that often, at least not for driveability/stalling issues. The dealer can update the PCM/TCM if that hasn't been done yet. Have a Quicklearn done for the transaxle shifting to complete the service.

The first hour is usually the diagnostic time. It is usually also the minimum charge. Anything that can be done under that, they just go ahead and do.
Anything above & beyond that, including parts, is when they draw up an estimate & contact you for authorization. You can say yes or no.
Their policies & procedures should be explained to you during write-up by your Service Advisor.
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