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As we all know, the rear dome lights in the sunroof models are modules with the LEDs soldered on. I originally just planned to use some blue photography filter paper inside of them to turn them into a cool white (I used this for the footwell lights, center console light, and license plate lights: but I ended up destroying the circuit board with a screwdriver... but there are some of the same modules on eBay that already have cool white LEDs in them (

I bought a pair and installed them, and... they never turn off. They don't even stay dim, they just stay at full brightness all the time. Has anybody else purchased these lights and experienced the same problem, and what's the solution? A resistor? How would I wire that in? It doesn't make sense to me that the low residual power is enough to light these up when the original lights are also LED, especially when they seem to be the exact same module. Are they wired differently? Is the constant wire from the car connected to the switched power of the light? Why would it be different from the factory one? I'm hoping to find some answers before I have to start messing around with my new $75 lights.



Full LED interior:


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