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where can I get the front bumpers for the Chrysler 200. Could someone help me out.
Some were saying that they were concerned that the lighter colors (especially white) wouldn't look right with this wing. But I really believe with the way this one is designed that the color won't matter.
If the deck lid was still more squared off like the earlier models then I would agree this type of wing doesn't work. And it wouldn't matter if it was this exact style, or one that was more squared off
like the gazillion Honda ones that I hate so bad. The squared off deck lids need either nothing at all, or a spoiler, but not a wing. But that's only my opinion, I just hate seeing someone pass on this wing just
because of color. I saw a couple of white 200 S's here that I thought would look really good with a black wing and maybe even a dark colored bug guard on the front, like the one on my car. I LOVE the
black and white effect...
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