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This project is being done completely on my own, with no more than google at my disposal and it hasn't treated me very well thus far...

I intend to cut the passenger side front rail where it is marked with red, and drill the welds out on the mounting bracket and replace them with what I got from the salvage yard. I've received mixed reviews about if this will work or not but at this point it's my only option since my insurance had lapsed before the wreck occured. If anyone here has some helpful hints or pro tips, they are welcomed and will be taken into consideration as I move forward. I plan on making the cuts and welds tomorrow morning but am doing last minute research just in case I'm missing something.

Also, I must add that I've been a lurker here for the past year or so and this will be my first initial post. I have learned a lot from this forum and appreciate any further help I can get!


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