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RHB u-connect navigation system for 2011 Chrysler 200 limited

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I Have a 2011 Chrysler 200 limited and I need the most recent update for the u-connect navigation system. They say there is no more updates. I need the most recent update for my car. It has never been updated. Anyone know where I can purchase it. Thanks.
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Welcome to the forum. What symptoms (Maps? Phone?) are you hoping to remedy with an update?
What software version is your radio at?
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The last update in 2014 addressed these issues:
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Any newer updates may be on the website. Just enter your VIN.

Map updates, if available, are here:
It looks like the offerings for the 2011 model year expire in a few days (see notes), better order now.
If they are sold out, look for used ones on ebay, etc:
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I have a car with RHB u-connect navigation system and it has never been "updated". This is something that requires a disc to update the maps. I am driving with maps from 2011 and as you would expect that makes most of the roads, including the one I live on not visible. I am looking for a disc to upgrade my system.
Same year? RHB has updates in 2012. There's one for the 2011 hands-free module.
Check for updates at Uconnect or Garmin (2014 +)?
Again, old software may show up in a search.


This is what it says on the U-connect website. "The map update for this navigation system is discontinued and is no longer available for purchase through this site or at dealerships." So how can I update my system if there are none available from them? It is the RHB and not the RHR.
Check for used software kits. Once the update is done, there is no need for the kit anymore.
Watch ebay. Google around. The Search Community at the top of the page might offer solutions that others have found.

Sadly, the updates are no longer available from the manufacturer for older vehicles.
I think the latest & last update disc is Mopar #5064033AL. An example:
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Is there any sources for used discs?
David Arnold on Sound Cloud has copied 5064033AL into a .rar file. If you can extract it, then convert it to a .iso file & burn it onto a disc?
I have not tested this software copy, but it has 1 like. Let us know if it works for you.
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