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2016 Chrysler 200 S, 1998 Sebring JX
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Welcome to the forum. At 8 years old and almost 200K, you should visit a dealership service dept if only to run the VIN and check for recalls, updates, etc.
Does Chrysler even know you own this car or how to reach you if they had to?

If it asks you to 'Shift to P and then to desired gear' when it is obviously already parked and in 'P', the car must not know that it is already in 'P'.
You might have a 'loss of communications' fault code between the ESM (electronic shift module) and TCM (transaxle control module) that are part of the shift-by-wire system.

Does the PRNDL blink when this happens?
DTC=Diagnostic Trouble Code (same as a fault code).
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You car has missed some module software updates. The software updates are improvements to address issues like this. Nothing has to come apart and no parts have to be replaced:
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