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So What Is Going To Happen When 3G Gets Cut In 2022 On Our Chrysler's?

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Once 3G gets cut reportedly in 2022 by some companies (Sprint is keeping it going longer than others till March 2022), what will happen to all our Chrysler's infotainment screen? Will we be able to use it, maps, weather, gas prices, and other apps?

I've never purchased UConnect subscription as it was always a very poor value proposition for what little you got... (starting your car? Hahaha, you can start it with the key fob. Health reports, etc) But it seems like it will no longer be available.

This is from the FCC... "Mobile carriers are shutting down their 3G networks, which rely on older technology, to make room for more advanced network services, including 5G. As a result, many older cell phones will be unable to make or receive calls and texts, including calls to 911, or use data services."

Since our Chrysler's all use 3G, what's going to happen to them? Will the tech in the 8.4 inch screen we paid for just not work? Chrysler offers a device for some of their vehicles to work on 4G, but the Chrysler 200 lineup for some reason isn't on that list of vehicles. The only other vehicles not included are 2015 Jeep Renegade and 2015-2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee's.

Share thoughts and answers below.
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5G is still a ways out for car makers, but will eventually be here. Digital connectivity formats will continue to get faster and more compressed. As formats evolve, the hardware that can't be updated will become obsolete.
The Renegade and Grand Cherokee are still here, the 200 and Dart are not. Any updates and new developments have ended for these orphans.
The hardware that can support the software needed for 4G, will be 4G capable. Who is still using the same cellphone that they bought in 2016? Formats change and will change again. I felt old when I found out my 200 didn't have a CD player. ☺
I never purchased a subscription to Uconnect. I believe that the GPS and Travel Link functions will continue for now.
Another Uconnect thread:

It isn't just us:
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I am using the same phone from 2016. Prior to that I used a phone from 2008 and before that 2000. lol.

Thank you for providing the info and the links to other topics as well.
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I’m also still using my iPhone 6s plus I bought in 2015 lol.
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I am still using my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 purchased in 2014 and it is going strong. I am quite upset about Chrysler doing this as I love my 200C AWD. Best value car I have ever owned and I have owned BMW and Audi and Cadillac. To not continue to support the top end of the 200 line is making me doubt Chrysler's and Mopar's dedication to providing great service and innovations. I will definitely look elswhere if we decided to buy a new car. Very sad, as I have always loved Chrysler products.
In 2015 3G was being used and Chrysler/FIAT used this format... You really can't blame them for the cellular providers upgrading their systems to 5G and dropping 3G... It's like when people bought NTSC televisions just before the ATSC standard was adopted... There are lots of good functioning NTSC sets with no analog TV signals now being broadcast...
They had no crystal ball at the time they brought out UConnect... So Chas put the blame where it really belongs ...Mobile Carriers and the FCC...
Even the "current " Chrysler products that used UConnect don't have the HARDWARE that supports 4G or 5G... and I bet there are other car manufacturers in the same predicament...
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My satellite radio loses its signal whenever I drive near a 5G tower. What's the cause of that?
It isn't just 5G or T-Mobile. This has been going on for years. See the complaints on Google:
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Has anyone found a way or a work around for the 3G problem? I have a 2015 200s and used the hands free voice to text feature all the time. Now I am only able to send predetermined messages and not able to compose my own. Also, I can no longer use or able to subscribe to the UConnect app to remotely start my car or see it whereabouts. Any advice would be appreciated. I have a 5G capable android phone which connects with the car via BT and I can still make and receive calls. Please help.
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Some cars can enroll in an upgrade to 4G, some cars can't. We got orphan cars and it doesn't look feasible:

@200_S_AWD Thank you. I do know I can use Google voice to text feature to send texts, but this means I have to use the BT connection on the "radio" rather than listening to the FM or Satellite options. It is a hassle to keep switching back and forth between the two modes just to send a text. I could listen to my music I have loaded on my phone, but I like to listen to live radio. I know it's a first world problem, but a problem nonetheless.
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