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Sounds like power steering pump is going out

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2013 200 2.4l touring. It sounds like my power steering pump is going out, but the noise is coming from the exhaust side of the motor. The noise doesn't get louder or change when I turn the wheel. But it does get louder when I accelerate. It's constant, not so loud at highway speeds. Please help Thanks
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Has this got the 4-speed or 6-speed?
A transaxle front pump whine will sound a lot like power steering pump, but is not affected by turning the wheel.
It will be constant whenever the engine is running. The pitch of the whine will rise & fall with RPM.
A plugging filter and or low ATF+4 can cause whine. Pulling the fluid through a plugged filter will load the pump. Sucking in air will mix with the fluid and make it noisy.

If it hasn't had a transaxle service, that is the first thing to try. Is the underside of the transaxle wet with fluid (leaking)?
Locate & repair any leaks. Cooler hose clamps are common. If it is dry underneath, that is good.
Drop the pan. Drain the old fluid. Clean the bottom of the pan & the chip magnet. Replace the filter. Some filter kits come with a pan gasket. Rubber is better than cork, but I prefer RTV.
Fill the transaxle with 4.5-5 qts (4.2L-4.7L) for the 4 speed. Another qt for the 6 speed.

Use ATF+4 meeting Chrysler MS-9602 only. Walmart Supertech sells it.
A flexible piece of cable can be used as a dipstick. Push it in until it touches the pan bottom (go no further). Fluid level is dependent on fluid temperature.
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