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I am planning a redesign of my current audio set up. I have a 2016 200 limited. Currently I have a dual 12” ported band pass enclosure cabin facing. The sound is good but I hate losing functionality of the trunk because of the size of the box. My plan is to fabricate 2 single side trunk enclosures behind the wheel wells with 3 amps on an ABS mounting rack on the back of the rear seat. I thought of placing them under the front seats, but I like to make adjustments as necessary and want the ease of accessing the amps. I have only seen a few detailed videos and photos of other builds on similar models. I may detail the process with great specificity for others who wish to do the same.

The acoustic upgrades I have done is to the stock Uconnect 5.5 6 speaker system is replacing the front dash 3.5” speakers with Skar audios 120w and adding a 3rd center speaker. I upgraded the rear 6x9’s and added the dual 12” subs with a 300w amp solely powering them. I am planning to add the 2 3.5” speakers to the rear doors and upgrade to the 8.4A Uconnect touchscreen. I’ll use pac audio’s interface to add the 3 amps to run the entire system. I’d love any input from anyone who has done similar mods for input on any work arounds you encountered. Happy Hunting.
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