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If the yellowish light output of your Chrysler's headlights makes it look dated, upgrade it with the cool white light!

Our plug and play LED headlight conversion kits by LUMEN are designed as a direct replacement with stock halogen bulbs. See the video-overview of the Lumen LED kits featuring our product expert Greg, who will tell you about the features and benefits of having them installed on your 200.

Improve the visibility of your headlights with a help of Lumen LED conversion kits.

* See prices and other necessary details on these kits at CARiD:

Lumen® - LED Headlight Conversion Kit at CARiD

* Longer lifetime - up to 50,000 hours of lifetime compared to 2,000 hours for traditional bulbs;
* Brighter, more concentrated light seen in all weather conditions;
* LEDs illuminate 0.2 seconds faster than incandescent bulbs, or about 10 times faster;
* LEDs use less energy than traditional bulbs without getting hot;
* CANBUS compatible;
* Easy plug and play installation;
* Backed by a 5-year warranty.

See the full selection of Lumen LEDs at CARiD.

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how/why do all LED kits produce bad results?

And how is it illegal?
No halogen/HID headlight housing in this world is designed to work with LED bulbs, so they usually glare over the place (with some exceptions to projector setups) and don't put light where it needs to be. LED bulbs put most of their light in the foreground (right in front of the car, not in the distance where it should be).

They are illegal for street use because they are not DOT certified and for good reason. The LED headlights that are DOT certified don't use these corny bulbs.
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