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I'm assuming its plug and play?

Right now my 200 is equipped with the 130S/RES, but I kind of like the 430.

Does anyone know if the steering wheel controls are compatible? From one UCONNECT system to the other... I assume they are, but sometimes manufactures make things difficult.

For those with the 430 system, how do you like it? Can you still control your iPod or does the system "lock" the iPod and only allow radio interface controls to work?

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ok... I still want to know how you guys/galls like the unites with the hard drive?

I'm thinking I have the 130S/RES, because I have Satellite radio. The interesting thing is, maybe there are different versions?
Here is a picture I took of my system
Here is a picture Chrysler shows on their UCONNECT website

If you notice, my system does not have the U-Connect phone and 'Bluetooth' buttons. I DO have steering wheel controls, but no phone/Bluetooth buttons. I do not see any microphone placement, but I don't know where they put theme. My conclusion is I do not have voice/handsfree/bluetooth package.

On the product page it says:

Available Features:
Uconnect® Voice CommandHandsfree calling
Remote USB port
Bluetooth® Streaming Audio

Apparently there are different versions of each version. Well if that doesn't complicate things.
I'm also not sure if they are "plug-n-play" or interchangeable. I know if I want to add the calling feature I will need a module and microphone. I could purchase a 430/RBZ without those features similar to my current stock system, but this may be a challenge to find such unit.

Apparently the 200 has the high-speed bus system, so I should stay away from older UCONNECT units; however I can not confirm this.
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