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I searched for a walkthrough or at least general steps for a UConnect upgrade w/ issues. Results were all over the place.

My issue:
My radio upgrade didn't work properly? How so? no front speakers, no volume control, my odometer kept blinking at me...

Fix? Yes. How? below are steps from memory but I am pretty sure I got everything in order. So, for those that like step by step instructions:
1. put car in "Run" but not running
2. factory reset radio* This may require updates again; it's possible your nav map was updated but gets wiped to the older version. IDC, my area takes 20 years to add/delete a road.
3. connect odblink ex to car & laptop USB (you might be using bluetooth. fair. just plug phone into car for continuous power!) who cares how, what, what if. your odb thing is plugged in and recognized by ALFAODB? Then OK.
4. ALFAODB software is installed on your Android or PC. I suggest paying for it. You might use it later and demo mode may not be long enough timespan to complete the fix (which causes a mess).
5. connect. Choosing Brand, Model, Function* (see #6), and fill in appropriately... If using USB ODB, go to Advanced and pick "USB whatever odb reader" to make it stop asking you if you want to connect to a bluetooth device when you aren't using one of those connectors and even though it's plugged in via USB....
6. ok, Function? WHAT function? we're using BODY COMPUTER for the radio. I know. There's a radio option but ignore it.
7. Click "Connect". Fix parameters until connected. ALFAODB will give pointers. You may doubt your abilities as a DIY'er but don't. Sometimes connecting has issues. work through it patiently.
8. Connected? woohoo! Choose tab "Active Diagnostic"
9. ponder warnings
10. Choose Proxy Tools in drop down
a. at bottom of screen (for pc) choose the Backup option. Seems wise. You could skip this. But if something bad happens, shouldn't you have a backup?
b. email the backup to yourself and save it. or don't.
11. Go to top of page and in dropdown box, or wherever (I didn't buy every software version) Choose: Proxy Alignment.
a. ponder warnings.
b. follow directions.
c. wait for notification the process is finished.
d. did you wait? be sure you waited otherwise if you stop the process midway then your car will tell you to check practically every major component for need of service. These are not pleasant to see. Nobody wants to see "can't use performance mode anymore" and "check transmission" etc. Wait for notification that it's finished.
e. after you got the notification the process is finished then it's really finished.
12. Turn off car, shut down app, unplug pc, unplug odb reader, put stuff away, hydrate.
13. Turn on car.
14. Have front speakers? Have back speakers? Have steady odometer? Profit/Joy. Make a backup like in steps in #10.
a. If any of those are still off or not working etc, you can re-do (skipping Steps in #10 [why make a backup of what didn't work? you have your original backup])

please correct me if I am wrong. It's a learning opportunity. Or, post cool stuff about your car.
Caveat: I am a total noob at this. You shouldn't be asking me, the noob, for advice or further directions.

I presume the procedure is the same for any other car, you just have to choose your proper vehicle.
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