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OK I was shopping came out and started my car and this message was on the screen of my 8.4AN radio


made an appointment with the local dealer on 12/30 they said there was an update to the radio that they performed. Thought everything was good everything worked (or so I thought) headed home and noticed that my NAV was not working. So I brought it back to the dealer and the tech took it back to the bay, he came back and said that he could not get the NAV to activate and the service bulletin said it could take a couple of days to activate (which I thought was BS) so I have been driving it and the NAV is still not working. Tried to get ahold of the dealer but am they have yet to call me back to discuss this situation. Was wondering if anyone had an idea what might be wrong with the NAV side of the radio. I thought that they might of installed the wrong update for a radio without NAV but they told be the update was specific to my VIN. Thanks in advance for any information.

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First, I would have asked to see the service bulletin saying it would take a couple days to activate.
Next, go back and document the issue, make them give you a service write-up saying what has happened.
Sounds to me like the radio telematics module is defective.
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