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I tried to remote start my 2015 200s, but only the lights flashed. When I got in the car, the message on the dash was "Remote start disabled; Start car to reset". I pushed the start button, the engine cranks but won't start. The interior lights and dash do come on. The brake is also hard to push. I did replace the battery to see if that was the problem, but still not working. Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the forums. Do you have access to an OBD2 engine code reader?
Is the yellow 'ck eng' warning lit? Does the red 'security dot stay lit?

The owners manual has some information on the Remote Start system. Does it even try to start? Have you tried starting the regular way with another key fob?
Make sure that the following is OK:

The optional Smart Remote Start system (which operates from as far as 200 feet) not only starts the vehicle via fob activation, but also activates the climate control and (if equipped) the optional heated/ventilated seats and optional heated steering wheel depending on temperatures outside and inside the car.
In order to operate remote start, the following conditions must be met:
  • The vehicle must be in Park.
  • Key is not in the ignition.
  • The hazard switch OFF.
  • Vehicle Theft Alarm (VTA) or Panic is not alarming.
  • Doors and hood must be closed.
  • Low fuel lamp not illuminated.
  • The battery voltage is within a normal operating range of 11 to 15 volts.

Engine will NOT start or will shut down/deactivate during any of the following conditions:
  • Key in ignition.
  • Vehicle Access Points (VAP) are opened before remote unlock.
  • Hazard switch depressed.
  • Panic or VTA active.
  • Brake applied.
  • A prior remote start cranked the engine, but failed to start the engine.
  • Battery voltage not in the normal range.
  • High (run away) or low idle (stall) Revolutions Per Minute (RPM).
  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) active.
  • High Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT).
  • Low engine oil pressure.
  • Low fuel levels.

Initiate Remote Start
To Remote Start the vehicle:
  1. Press remote button on the Key Fob twice within 5 seconds.

    Engine will run for 15 minutes after a remote start is initiated. After 15 minutes, the engine will shut off. The system allows for only two sequential remote starts without a key ignition cycle.​
  2. Unlock vehicle with Key Fob to enter the vehicle.
  3. Put key in ignition, turn key to run position to exit remote start and enter a normal start without engine shut off.

Identification that Remote Start is Activated
To identify that Remote Start has been activated the following will occur:

  • Horn will sound and lights will flash to acknowledge a start command was received.
  • Park Lamps will turn on to indicate that the engine is running in remote start mode.

Terminate Remote Start
To terminate Remote Start, press Remote Start button on the Key Fob once.

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The car does try to start by pressing the start button in the car ( not the fob), but won't. After I try to start it, I can smell something like wires burning. I have checked some fuses, but I'm not exactly sure which ones to check. I don't have access to a reader at this time. I will probably have to have it towed to a garage. Luckily, the car was home when this happened.

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2016 Chrysler 200 S, 1998 Sebring JX
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See if you can trace the smell to where it is the strongest. Is it under the hood or under the dash?
It sounds like a wiring short occurred. Yeah, sadly this doesn't sound like it will be an easy driveway fix because of this.

The following are known wiring issues. There was a recall S55 for transaxle harnesses on cars built before 11/2014.
Burning wires can be a fire hazard. Stay safe.

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