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Have tried to find a you tube showing what all is required to be removed in order to replace the windshield washer pump on a 2014 200 3.6L hardtop convertible and having no luck. Anyone in the community having knowledge of how this is done I would certainly appreciate your guidance. Have looked from the top and bottom and it appears items need to be removed in order to even unplug the wires to see if power is getting to the pump. Just do not want to start disassembling items that I do not need to take off. Thank you in advance, Bill

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With the hood up & standing by the right front, you can't hear the pump motor run when it's actuated by a helper?
Many times the washers won't spray because of broken plastic nozzles under the hood insulation pad. The engine heat will still make the plastic brittle after a few years.

If it does need a pump motor, the front fascia has to be dropped down. This may look difficult, but with the proper trim tools it isn't bad. Lay a blanket down in front of the car or do the job on the grass so that the paint finish isn't scratched.
Lots of plastic push retainers & just a few screws.
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I have removed the front fascia from my 2014 and it was fairly straight-forward. Note the the 2013-2014 fascia attaches differently at the lower edge and it is not necessary to remove the splash shields. It can be done by one person in about 10 minutes time and without needing to raise the vehicle.

Note the grill is attached to the fascia and this will have you remove both the grill and fascia as a unit.

  • Remove the 7 screws along the lower front edge of the fascia.
  • Remove the 2 push pins on the back corners of the fascia by the tires.
  • Remove the 6 screws , 3 on each side, that attach the inner splash shield to the fascia.
  • Remove the 2 bolts/screws holding the outside top edge of the grill to a bracket by the headlamp. Note the 2 pushpins near the bolts can remain

At this point there are 4 remaining push pins along the back edge of the grill attaching the grill to the radiator support bracket.

  • Remove the inner 2 push pins and loosen the outer two but do not remove.
  • Pop out the top of the fascia at the fender well. Note the top hole fits over a knob so the fascia needs to be pulled over the knob to loosen.
  • With the top of the fascia loosened at the fender well, pull along the edge at the fender and headlamp to pop the fascia clips free.
  • With both sides loosened, remove the 2 remaining pushpins at the back edge of the grill and the fascia is free.
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