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This is a NEW sealed in plastic factory Mopar/Chrysler remote start kit for 2011-2014 Chrysler 200 cars minus the two keys...may fit Dodge Avengers of the same Era, but not sure (have the dealer cross reference the part number of the kit and/or the individual parts to your VIN to verify).

I bought the kit to install in my 2014 200, but it turns out my car came with the XBM Remote Start option...but I bought it used and apparently didn't get the factory key, just a lock/unlock/panic button key...hence why the kit is missing the two keys, I'm using them now.

P/N 82212772AB - XBM remote start

Included parts:

P/N 05026236AB - antenna
P/N 05026162AS - WCM module
P/N 05026211AA - hood switch
P/N 40200211 - striker plate
P/N 40600041 - pushnut (qty 2)
P/N 40600121 - rivet
P/N 1001199 - wire tie (qty 12)
P/N 40600051 - screw (qty 2)
P/N 4120049 - hood switch harness
P/N 4280359 - instruction manual

Needed parts:

P/N 68092989AA - FOBIK keys (qty 2)

NOTE: vehicle must have the following factory options - automatic transmission, Remote Keyless Entry, and immobilizer.

NOTE: the XBM sales code must be added to the database prior to installing the WCM module. This update and the FOBIK key programming must be done by the dealership (so I've been told).

NOTE: the P/N listed above for the FOBIK keys has been superceded, so verify with the dealer what P/N you need to order. Don't forget to have the keys cut prior to the install. Generic FOBIK keys (eBay, Amazon, etc) might work, but I'm not sure.

NOTE: I can also send an electronic copy of the instruction manual if you'd like. I did notice a few issues/discrepancies/omissions with the instructions and can walk you through them, but they are pretty minor.

NOTE: give yourself plenty of time. The entire top & front of the dash, the A-pillar covers, and the center console need to be removed.

I have it listed elsewhere for $120 obo, so feel free to send me an offer.


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